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Henbor Sfily Line Scissors 5.0"

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Henbor scissors, established in Italy in 1965, have specialized in the production of professional scissors for barbers. The Henbor range is exclusively handmade, with distinctive, unique models. All scissors in the Henbor range are produced using a process that involves more than 130 phases, each of which contributes towards the unique properties of these products. Their manufacturing process takes advantage of the labor of highly skilled workers, so they are able to guarantee a quality excellence in every phase of the scissors manufacturing process. TECH. FEAT. - SCISSORS STAINLESS STEEL AND COBALT-MOLYBDENUM
Professional scissors Henbor are assembled by means of screws, some with a ball screw or adjustable with a special nut. Scissors in stainless steel 420 - C 0:30% - 13% Cr Scissors special stainless steel 440 - 0 C, 50% - 14 & Cr - Mo 0.35% Va% 12:15 Scissors made of steel or cobalt - C 0.63% - It 0:48% - 0:41% Mn - Ni 0.15% - 14.20% Cr - Mo & 1.10 - Co 1.13% The heat treatment is carried out in an oven to quenching tape in a controlled atmosphere and with subsequent cooling of the blades in an oil bath special. Subsequently, the scissors are entered in a special oven at 120 ° - 140 ° to homogenize the hardness of the metal. FUNCTIONAL - SCISSORS STAINLESS STEEL AND COBALT-MOLYBDENUM Silencer between the two rings. Piano hollow for a better sliding of the hair. With a razor blade to blade sharpening first and second Finely serrated blade for sharpening. Two wire razor blades for cutting sliding. FINISH - SCISSORS STAINLESS STEEL AND COBALT-MOLYBDENUM Sandblast - Polished - Satin finish. With complete or only stem browning. Screw and Finger Rest of gold. TECHNICAL FEATURES - SCISSORS STAINLESS STEEL Assembly for a screw. Hot Stamped. Stainless steel AISI 420 and 440. Heat treatment using a microwave hardening tape in a controlled atmosphere. Blade hardness 53-61 HRC.
Henbor Sfily Line Scissors 5.0"
Henbor Sfily Line Scissors 5.0" Sale price£49.99