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Balsan Callus Foot Treatment Kit

Sale price$48.00

The new "Foot Care Kit" enables the easy callused skin removal within 20 minutes.
You can remove cuticles in only 2-3 minutes.

 The complete system consists of:
- Hand- and foot care lotion 150 ml
- 40 Cotton- absorbent cotton
- 1 Callused skin spatula
- Foot cream "Balance" 75 ml

It functions so easily: A cotton pad is placed on the dry callused skin and soaked with lotion. Depending on size of the callused skin one can leave the lotion for 20 minutes to get the desired effect. With the spatula then the callused skin is removed easily. Then wash and cream with the foot cream "Balance". The ingredients of the BALSAN-Lotion and foot cream are complemented in such a way that the skin around the callused skin is not irritated.  It is most suitable for care accompanying the treatment of diabetic feet! Dermatologically tested!

Callused skin
Remove your callused skin with this callus skin lotion everywhere where you have hard skin. Use this lotion on feet (heels, ball and toes), on elbows or on the knees. The lotion is absorbed by the callused skin and softens it. After 10 -20 Minutes of curing time remove the callused skin easily with the callused skin slider
Used as cuticle remover, you will require only 1-3 Minutes in order to soften the cuticle. Then remove the cuticle with the cuticle slider or a soft nail brush. After the application of the lotion wash the treated skin with clear water and use the Cream Balance in order to achieve a long lasting result.


Balsan Callus Foot Treatment Kit Sale price$48.00