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7.14 Lumia Hair Colours Ash Copper Blonde - 100ml

Sale price£6.99

LUMIA by Helen Seward of Italy presents a natural hair color solution, a gentle cosmetic cream infused with plant extracts to nurture hair and achieve stunning, authentic color outcomes. Crafted with care, its formula includes natural extracts from palm seeds and coconut, safeguarding against damage and ensuring shade stability while producing the most natural and translucent color effects.

Explore the Lumia Permanent color range, boasting over 60 natural and reflex shades, including coppers, ashes, reds, and golds, each enriched with micro color pigments for enhanced penetration and prolonged color vibrancy. The Super Lightener series, fortified with vitamin C, ensures optimal hair condition during lifting, achieving up to 4.5 levels.

Embrace Lumia's remarkable features, providing up to 100% grey coverage. Equipped with sequestering agents, it shields hair from daily pollution, delivering superior shade performance. Whether you're a professional or seeking permanent results for yourself, Lumia stands as the ideal choice.

Ash copper blonde by Lumia is a professional hair colour for use in salons. the alt text could be: "Image showing a person with ash copper blonde hair color." This description conveys the main elements of the image to someone who cannot see it.
7.14 Lumia Hair Colours Ash Copper Blonde - 100ml Sale price£6.99