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01 Sanotint Classic Black unisex hair dye without ammonia

Sale price£13.50

 Sanotint  Hair dye is free from Henna, providing a unique alternative for those seeking an alternative to Henna-based products. 

Try using Sanotint Shampoo & Conditioner - keeps colour and hair in good shape. Both are 5.5pH suitable for coloured hair.

Sanotint Classic and Sanotint Sensitive stand out as top-tier hair dyes, effortlessly concealing grey hair without the mess. Ideal for those seeking a convenient at-home coloring solution, Sanotint offers ease of application and does not contain ammonia. Sanotint Classic boasts 4% PPD, while Sanotint Sensitive is PPD-free.

Moreover, Sanotint hair dyes are perfect for root touch-ups, allowing for multiple uses per tube, making it a cost-effective choice. With a diverse range of shades from Black to Blonde, Sanotint caters to a wide variety of preferences. Can be used for Beards by men

One of the key benefits of Sanotint is its ability to maintain hair's smooth and silky texture, unlike many other dyes that can leave hair dry and rough. With a loyal customer base since 2007, we have consistently delivered high satisfaction with Sanotint products.

As with all hair dyes, it is important to exercise caution by keeping them away from children, using gloves, and performing a patch test before the initial use. If you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Sanotint black Classic hair dye without ammonia contains less chemicals and protects hair from drying out. Sanotint is a very popular hair and sold in the UK since 2007
01 Sanotint Classic Black unisex hair dye without ammonia Sale price£13.50