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Article: Deciding on Hair Colouring

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Deciding on Hair Colouring

We've all fantasised about dyeing our hair, a particular colour that will turn heads! On the other hand, going to a salon involves paying a lot of money for the hair colouring procedure and constant refreshers to keep your colour looking fresh. So, have you considered doing your hair colouring?
While it may seem daunting, these hair colour supplies make your DIY hair colouring experience as smooth as butter!
 Perfect Color
Having the proper colour to apply at home is the secret to great at-home colour. You'd think that with so many colour selections at stores, this would be a straightforward task, but factors like skin tone, eye colour, and natural hair colour can all play a role in finding the right match.
We suggest you could use any one of our chemical free hair dyes such as "Sanotint" or "Tricolor" from our website, we are aware our customers may have allergy, thought not many have, we have a selection of Hair Colours. Always ask if you are using hair dye for the first time before you do a purchase. Please read instructions before opening the packet, making sure this is what you are looking for. Always carry out a patch tests and wait for 24 hours.
 Bowl + Brush
Not just any bowl or Brush, either. Don't use a metal mixing bowl from your kitchen because the metal may react chemically with your colour. You should use a glass or plastic bowl and a plastic brush. You can see where you're applying colour better with a bowl and Brush, resulting in professional coverage, precise application, and complete saturation.
 Wide Tooth Comb
Don't dismiss this tool. Use a Comb instead of your gloved fingers to pull the colour through to guarantee equal coverage.
 Hair Clips
The hair colour dilemma is whether to section or not to section. And here's the answer: you can colour your hair without sectioning it first, although there are significant advantages.
When you section your hair before applying the product, you can genuinely saturate the places you need to while keeping the hair you're not working on out of the way. It also aids in keeping track of where you've already applied colour and structure your application to ensure thoroughness. ensure thoroughness.
Most hair colouring packages include a set of one-size-fits-all gloves, which may or may not fit your hands. You'll have better control over your hair colour application if you get a pair of well-fitting gloves from a beauty supply store. Always you can ask for a free pair of glove that will fit your palms.
Hair colour requires a little finesse and a lot of towels to mix, apply, and rinse from your hair. Choose stain-resistant towels and place them on any bathroom surfaces you don't want to splatter with hair colour. It's also a good idea to wrap one around your shoulders to keep the colour away from your skin.
 Color Bar
A well-stocked colour bar will keep all your colour supplies and instruments neat, clean, organised, and accessible. When properly set up, you'll be able to see when items are running short and need to be reordered at a glance. In addition to the basic hairstylist and hair dye supplies, your colour bar should contain a large quantity of colour preparation instruments.
 Two Mirrors
Colouring the hair in the back of your head might be difficult, especially if you don't have a companion to help you out if you miss an area. So, keep a portable mirror handy and use it to double-check that you've coloured every region of your head.
Hair dye can sometimes drip unless you have them in cream form onto the skin around the face, ears, and neck, even for the best at-home hairstylist. To avoid discolouration, apply lotion or Vaseline around the hairline and the ears. If the dye gets on your skin, wipe it off as soon as possible with a damp paper towel or tissue to avoid stains. We also stock special oil which one can apply before colouring and stain removers too.
 Shower Cap
Cover your hair with a shower cap after applying the hair dye to allow the colour to set. This will also allow you to leave the bathroom without fear of leaking dye all over the house during the setting phase.
 Stain remover
After rinsing the dye out of your hair, you could see that the stain has stuck to a few spots on your skin. To remove the colour and achieve a perfect, finished look, swab these regions with stain remover.
Because salon visits can be costly, both time and money, you may wish to learn how to colour your hair at home. Don't get caught making rookie mistakes; stock up on these at-home colour must-haves to ensure a flawless, mess-free application every time. Finally, follow the instructions to the letter, making sure to condition your hair and protect your skin and clothing from stains.

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