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Article: A Perfect Pedicure

A Perfect Pedicure

A Perfect Pedicure

Pedicure Step 1: Soak Feet
At the beginning of the pedicure, prepare a warm foot bath with appropriate additives. This will soften the callus and prepare it for the pedicure. A peeling or rubbing with a pumice sponge ensures tender feet. Then dry your feet carefully, especially between the toes.
Pedicure step 2: remove stubborn calluses - One can use Balsan Pedicure Kit or Lotion from our online shop
Stubborn calluses should be removed dry with a callus file or callus remover. Foot or callus files usually have a coarse and a fine side that should be used one after the other. When using the callus plane, make sure to remove the unwanted callus in short, flat strokes, then smooth the surface with the fine side of the file.
Pedicure Step 3: Push back cuticles
After a bath, gently push back cuticles with a cuticle pusher (pusher) or rosewood stick. Only use special cuticle removers from time to time and only if they really "stick" to the nail stubbornly.
Please note: the delicate cuticle offers protection against penetrating bacteria and should not be completely removed.
Pedicure Step 4: Shape toenails
After the foot bath, the toenails are softer and easy to cut without chipping. Nail clippers, nail clippers or strong toenail scissors are recommended for shortening. The nail should line up with the end of the toe. If you cut away too much, you risk the corners growing into the skin. Then smooth the nail edges with a file. Important: Always file toenails straight and not round, otherwise there is a risk of ingrown toenails. Filing with a glass file also protects against nail fungus.
Pedicure step 5: cream
Special foot creams e.g. E.g. with urea content reduce the renewed callus formation, some also prevent heavy sweating and deodorize. Foot masks and foot creams have a particularly intensive effect if you massage them in well and/or leave them on the treated feet overnight with fine cotton socks. A foot butter is particularly beneficial for very dry feet!
Please see under Manicure & Pedicure heading.

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